Sweet dreams and soft glows: Your essential guide to bedroom pendant lighting

Lindeman rattan sustainable pendant lighting over a timber bedside table. There is a potted plant on the bedside table and to the left a bed dressed in natural coloured bedlinen.
Henley Rattan natural pendant lighting hangs above a timber stool next to a bed dressed in olive linen bedsheets.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, winding down after a long day, or simply indulging in a good book, let bedroom pendant lighting be your guiding light. The delicate allure of natural materials, the warmth of the glow, and their thoughtfully chosen size create an oasis that envelops you in serenity. As you embark on the journey of curating your dream bedroom, remember that pendant lights aren't just fixtures - they're companions that infuse your space with both aesthetic charm and practical allure.

Bedside pendant lights introduce luxe design that effortlessly elevates your bedroom's aesthetic. Their suspended nature adds an airy and sophisticated vibe, creating a visual focal point that draws the eye and adds a hint of intrigue.

What size should my bedside pendant lights be?

Getting the size and scale right of your bedside pendants is key. When they’re too wide, they can overwhelm the space and throw off the balance of your bedside setup. The magic lies in choosing pendant lights that are narrower than the bedside's width. Aim for about a 10cm gap on either side of your pendant in relation to the bedside's width, and you're on your way to achieving a perfect match.

What is the best height for bedroom pendant lighting?

Getting the pendant light height right is like finding that perfect comfy pillow - it's all about creating an inviting space where everything feels just right. 

Hanging your pendants 50 - 60 centimetres above your bedside table will create an ambiance that's both functional and visually appealing. This sweet spot of height ensures a cosy glow that's ideal for reading before you hit the hay. You won't be squinting in harsh light, and you won't be fumbling in the dark either. It's like having a soft bedside beacon that guides you through your evening relaxation.

If you have high ceilings, maintain a distance of about 60cm from the top of your bedside to the bottom of the pendant. If you hang those pendants too high, they will feel disconnected to your space.

Bedside glow-off: The verdict on lamps vs pendant lights

Traditional lamps can sometimes hog precious bedside table space, leaving little room for your books, phone, or other bedtime essentials. Pendant lights, on the other hand, elegantly hang from above, freeing up your tabletop real estate for the things that matter most.

While traditional lamps shine light downward, pendant lights have a unique ability to cast a soft, encompassing glow that bathes your entire bedside area. This creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for winding down after a long day.

Bedside pendant lights come in an array of designs, shapes, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect match for your bedroom's decor. Whether you're going for a breezy coastal feel or a relaxed boho look, pendant lights have the versatility to complement your style effortlessly.

If you’d like some help selecting the perfect lighting for your space, get in touch here – I’d love to help! Anna x

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