Artisan making Whitehaven feature pendant lights.

From their hands to your home, our makers come first.

Indonesian craftspeople hand make each light shade for our sustainably made small batch orders. We personally know and visit our makers who weave honour, tradition and art into each pendant.

Respect for our artisans’ traditions, their way of life and the land guide our decisions. Our makers only use natural fibres that aren’t grown with chemicals, so they are safe to weave and hang in your home.

Our makers set the price and we don’t haggle or hustle. Slow made is well made.

Together we pore over the details to create light shades that are unique in form, imperfect by nature and timeless in style.

An artisan making rattan pendant feature lights.

It’s what they’re not that make our lights sought after by homeowners and renovators across Australia.

No factories or machines.

Each feature light is unique.

Hand woven to high standards.

Beautifully imperfect.

Our artisans inspired Lighthouse Lane. They’re why we’re here today, lighting up homes around Australia with natural style.

Anna, founder of Lighthouse Lane relaxing on a plush natural sofa wearing a floral dress. There is calming artwork and a fiddle leaf fig in the background.

Hi, I’m Anna.

In 2018 our family had the opportunity to move to Bali where my husband managed the construction of an eco village in the jungles of Bali. We were keen to escape our busy life and spend more quality time with our children.

A bamboo school in the jungle (where shoes were optional, learning happened outside and getting dirty was a given) sealed the deal.

We packed up our lives and jumped in headfirst into an island adventure.

Before I was brave enough to ride a scooter round Bali, I regularly spent time sitting in traffic. Going nowhere. It would take 45 minutes to drive the three kilometres from the supermarket to home.

There was no avoiding this traffic carpark – no side streets or shortcuts.

Lighthouse Lane founder Anna wears casual jeans and a tshirt. She is relaxed sitting in a timber outdoor chair holding a mug of tea. There is a lush garden in the background.

I learned to surrender.

I spent hours observing life in the villages. Local craftspeople were making amazing homewares, furniture and light shades with their hands, one piece at a time.

The feature lights caught my eye. I’ve built and renovated homes before. The lack of unique lighting options always frustrated me – but here they were, all around me.

I spent weeks walking hot and dusty backstreets of Bali looking for small family run businesses who made great quality, unique lighting.

My idea was to build a business that supported these artisans and bring sustainably crafted light shades to Australia.

I wanted my orders to have a real impact in the lives of those makers, without any middleman. I met the makers and we worked together to ensure the quality is great and the styles are one of a kind.

When we returned Australia two years later, the five suitcases we took to Bali became eight, plus a
surfboard – and a container full of gorgeous light shades.

Lighthouse Lane began.