Hi, Iā€™m Anna, welcome to Lighthouse Lane!

Lighthouse Lane was born as a result of a 2 year adventure in Bali. My husband and I wanted to escape the rat race, slow down and spend more quality time with our young children. A bamboo school located in the middle of the jungle, where shoes were optional and days were spent learning outside and getting dirty sealed the deal. So, we packed up our lives, and jumped in head first into a new adventure.

In the days before I was brave enough to ride a scooter, I regularly spent time sitting in traffic, going nowhere. It would often take 45 minutes just to drive 3km. There was no way out of it ā€“ no side streets or shortcuts to take, so I learned to surrender to the wait. Sitting in traffic gave me lots of time to observe what was going on around me in local villages and see the amazing home wares, furniture and light shades being made by craftsmen and women from their homes.

It was the light shades that constantly caught my eye. So many amazing designs being woven by hand, one piece at a time. Having built homes and renovated a number of times, the lack of unique lighting options always frustrated me ā€“ and here it was all around me.

So on our return to Australia, the five suitcases we took to Bali became eight, a surfboard ā€“ and a container full of gorgeous light shades!