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Step by step towards sustainability

We believe in being kind to people and our planet, personally and in business.

We’re making little changes every day to do better.

What does that really mean? Click on the links below to learn more about our efforts to create positive change.

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We source our lights from hand makers who employ family or locals, which means the money they make can stay in their village.

We order small batches, made by hand. Factory free.

We use natural fibres like bamboo, rattan and seagrass that are chemical free.

We ensure our lights are high in quality and timeless in design.


We ship plastic free. Everything we wrap and ship with can be recycled at home. Even the tape and labels. (Tip – craft paper is great for kids or reusing to wrap presents).

While our makers do use some plastic to send the lights to us so they survive the humid transit environment, we are actively looking for alternatives.

Our shipping labels are home compostable. Just cut, compost and let the worms do the work. (Or keep it on the box and recycle it if you don’t have a home compost.)

We recycle all protective cardboard from maker shipments at our local resource recovery centre.

We ship twice a week to lower our carbon footprint while ensuring you get your lights quickly.

Constant improvement

We’re not perfect but we do all we can to bring you our lights with minimal environmental footprint.

We make small, consistent changes every day in our efforts to make our business cleaner and greener.

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Natural fibres, a natural choice

Bamboo, seagrass and rattan are our materials of choice.

Sustainable, natural and safe for our makers and in your home, here’s why we choose these amazing fibres:

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Portsea sustainable pendant lighting over a round dining table.


Seagrass is a perennial grass.

Once harvested, our artisans ply the grass entirely by hand using traditional hand weaving craftsmanship passed down through generations. As a fast-growing plant, seagrass is a fabulous sustainable material. The yarn is strong, durable and non-porous. It has a naturally smooth texture, with a natural lustre and a warm hue.


Rattan is a naturally renewable palm.

It is used for furniture, homewares and building materials because it is lightweight, durable, flexible and attractive. Both the outer skin and inner core can be used which means minimal waste. Rattan creates a soft, textured, contemporary feel and casts a warm filtered light.


Bamboo is a very fast-growing giant grass.

It requires no fertiliser, little water and self-regenerates from its own roots. Bamboo absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees making it an incredibly sustainable, beautiful material. Our artisans use these smooth natural fibres and traditional weaving techniques to create gorgeous, functional pieces.