Elevate your space with feature lighting in Stairwells and Voids

Feature lighting has the ability to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. They can infuse a "wow" factor and create a real statement, especially in often-overlooked areas like stairwells and voids. These fixtures are not just sources of light; they are design elements that introduce an element of surprise, intrigue, and elegance.

Imagine stepping into a home where the staircase or a void isn't just a functional element but a work of art, bathed in a mesmerising glow. That's the magic of stairwell pendant lighting, and it's not just about illuminating your path; it's about making a statement.

How many lights do I need?

Feature lighting in stairwells and voids can be oversized, boldly commanding attention as soon as you step foot into these spaces. Alternatively, you can hang a cluster of lights, creating an eye catching statement that captivates anyone who passes by.

The shape of your stairwell or void will influence the kind of pendant lights you choose. If your space boasts soaring, cathedral-like ceilings, you have the canvas to go grand with oversized pendant lights or clusters of smaller ones that cascade like a waterfall of light. This type of feature lighting will draw your eye upward, emphasising those gorgeous high ceilings creating a sense of awe.

For stairwells or voids with narrower dimensions, consider more compact and streamlined pendant lights. These lights maintain the elegance while ensuring they don't overwhelm the space. Pendant lights that are taller than they are wide work well in such settings, providing ample illumination without dominating the space.

What height do I hang stairwell lighting?

Choosing the right height to hang stairwell pendant lighting is crucial not only for aesthetics but also for safety. In stairwells and voids, it's essential to ensure there's enough clearance to move freely without any risk of hitting your head. Therefore, it's recommended to hang pendant lights at least 2.4 meters above the landing or the stair immediately below where you walk.

This height allows for a comfortable passage beneath the lights while still showcasing their visual impact. It also ensures that the pendant lights remain an integral part of the design without causing any obstructions or discomfort.

When dealing with asymmetrical or irregularly shaped stairwells or voids, adapt the height of your pendant lights to accentuate the unique architectural features. Experiment with different pendant heights to create visual interest and draw attention to specific elements, such as curves or angles in the design.

Don’t underestimate the impact of feature lighting in your home's stairwells and voids. From making a grand entrance to accentuating unique architectural features, these pendants will be your secret weapon. With the right choice of lights and proper placement, they can make a statement the moment you walk in the door. 

If you’d like some help selecting the perfect lighting for your space, get in touch here – I’d love to help! Anna x

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