Dining room delight: A guide to hanging dining table pendant lights

A Portsea focal dining room pendant hangs over a circular dining table.
Large Whitehaven dining room pendant light hangs over a green and natural table setting.

The dining room: where stories are told, laughter fills the air, and delicious flavours are enjoyed. Make this gathering place even more special with feature pendant lights.

Selecting the perfect dining table pendant light is like selecting the perfect wine for a gourmet meal—it enhances the experience and elevates the ambiance. As you browse options, consider materials that resonate with your decor. Embrace the blend of earthy elements, organic textures and tones that mirror your style. 

How wide should dining table pendant lights be?

Choosing the right sized pendant light for your dining table is like finding the perfect fit. Think about the pendant's width compared to your table's width. A good rule is that the pendant should be 50-75% of the table's width. For example, if your table is 100 centimetres wide, pick a pendant light that's 50 to 75 centimetres wide.

If you're hanging more than one pendant above the table, you can go for smaller ones. This helps to balance the length of the table. But if you have high ceilings, larger pendants can help fill the space better.

How many dining table lights do I need?

The number of pendant lights depends on the size and shape of your table. One pendant light is enchanting, but two or more can create a real focal point over your dining table. A rectangular table, for instance, can benefit from a linear arrangement of pendant lights. On the other hand, a round or square table looks best with a cluster or a single grand pendant light.

If you have a long dining table with high ceilings, go for big pendants (larger than you feel comfortable with!) because the higher the ceilings, the smaller those pendant lights will look when they are hung – It’s all about scale.

What height do I hang dining table pendant lights?

Hanging dining table pendant lights at the right height is an art that blends aesthetics with functionality. For the ideal visual and lighting experience, hang your pendant lights 70-80 centimetres above your dining table's surface. This ensures an intimate ambiance for conversations while preventing the light from obstructing sight lines or overpowering the space. Be careful though: hang them too high and your lights will feel disconnected from the rest of your dining space. If you have the luxury of high ceilings, you can get away with going up in size and hanging them a higher - and you’ll need to in order balance that gorgeous vertical space.

If you’d like some help selecting the perfect lighting for your space, get in touch here – I’d love to help! Anna x

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